Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week One

My first week passed with flying colors. The first few days were okay, just getting use to things.  Figured out the subway system, met all of my colleagues and figured out where to have lunch! 

My "Office" is so cute, with a nice view of outside (Sometimes I see cats climbing up the tree too :)!)

 My first couples days were slow, didn't do very much at work. Just simple research on some venues. Although I did get to sit in a few meetings for some upcoming events. Those were such a great experience! We have done presentations for events in class before but actually seeing a real proposal or event run-through was so amazing! Oh! And I finally found a Starbucks :D

Friday night Liquid Impact was doing a Press Release for Johnnie Walker: Blue Label. We went straight from work to watch the rehearsal, got some dinner and then the event began. At the beginning of the event they showed five commercials. What we did different though is that instead of simply playing the commercials we took out the music and had an actual orchestra play!

After the rehearsal we were hanging out outside and I ran into my cousin! She was actually playing in the orchestra we had hired to play. What a small world!

Because of the Chinese National Holiday we had to work saturday as well. Sunday morning I woke up pretty early and decided to go for a run. The weather here is so beautiful right now I wish I could have stayed outside all day!

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